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  • Avoiding the “Real Job”
    I just saw the coolest ad, there is a kid selling some kind of good luck necklace online. And the ad was, buy this good luck charm and help keep a 21 year old from getting a real job! I instantly thought
    lifestyle architecture
    What is most important to you?  For me, it’s freedom … freedom to create, move about the country and learn as much as life has to teach. I have coined the term genetically unemployable™  to give this lifestyle a name; and to
    Success is Overrated!
    Achieving success does not always mean something amazing has occurred in a persons life, if fact it usually means the opposite. Michaelangelo says it best: “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low… Read more »
    Live In Expectancy … Enjoy Unemployment
    I know I’m not alone in this whole concept of genetically unemployable; everywhere I turn I meet another fascinating person that has taken a unique experience or gift and turned it into a business. A business that not only pays some bills but creates a lifestyle. I read a book… Read more »
    The Benefit of Questioning Your Dreams
    you tell me to dream and then turn around and tell me I should question the dream … what the hell? yes, that is exactly what i’m suggesting we do!  not because a dream is wrong, or to make you question the
    Securing Your Future With a Business
    I was looking through the USA Today newspaper last week and saw an article with your typical scarcity title, something about 40% of Americans are scared of loosing their jobs.  But under the bold title was a subtitle that talked about how many
  • can you buy an income?
    i’ve started working with an executive coach this year to help me find a new adventure in my career, and one of the first ideas that hit the table was to buy an existing business.  it actually never dawned on me to
    society’s recipe doesn’t work for everyone
    society has created and sold us all a recipe for success: go to school, go to college, you will get a great J-O-B and then in 30 years you can be free … i call bullshit on this recipe! has this recipe
    Are You Genetically Unemployable™?
    I’m an entrepreneur, and it took almost 35 years to come to the conclusion.  But more than that, there was a process of getting past the guilt of not being able to keep a job.  Each job was great, at first!  It was everything I had been looking for and then 3… Read more »
    Your Purpose is the Journey, Not The Destination.
    We all know that we have a unique skill or talent, that’s nothing new or earth shattering … but what we do with them can be. Society shouts every day to be responsible and have a job, I’m asking why that is? Why is the only acceptable form of financial… Read more »
    Ignite Phoenix
    I decided to get vocal about my passion for entrepreneurship and creating a life on my terms, in March I was accepted as a speaker in front of almost 600 people to share genetically unemployable.  What a blast!  The audience was totally
    Turn J-O-B Failure Into Entrepreneurial Success
    Regardless of whether you have decided to designate yourself with my term of ‘genetically unemployable’ or not, if your here then you at the very least have an interest or intrigue with entrepreneurship.  And that is really what this whole blog is
  • is indianola too close to home?
      indianola is currently a ghost town in south texas that at one time was a thriving city on the coast just about half the size of houston back in 1875, as i read the story of the downfall of this city
    where to next?
    it looks like it might be time for my next transition, i’ve never experienced anything like the past 6 months.  Burn Out.  i thought it was just a space where people get tired of what they’re doing as a career … it
    working or playing, i can’t tell … perfect!
    It hasn’t always been the easiest path, being genetically unemployable, but with creativity and diligence I have created a life where I usually can’t tell the difference between working and playing.  Is your life that way? It can be, not overnight of course and not without a lot of work. … Read more »
    Taking the Big Gig and Keeping Yourself!
    It’s always exciting when you first find out you landed the ‘big gig’ … it doesn’t take long before the edge that you had when you were brought on board for begins to dimenish. What happens?  I think it’s comfort zone … the money starts coming in like a paycheck… Read more »
    how to let go of 40 hour work weeks
    lose the box! we have grown up with the box that we have to work at least 40 hours per week, and for most of us those hours have to be monday through friday … why? have you ever tracked what your
    unemployment has a new face
    in times of difficulty evolution begins, people begin to adapt and change their lives and even the way they think in order to survive.  opportunity didn’t stop knocking, but have you stopped listening? if your unemployed right now take a look around
  • The BEST Compliment Ever: Are You Retired?
    I was asked today if I was retired, even though he stated I looked way too young to be of ‘retirement’ age.  And that the life I show in pictures and actions on my Facebook sounds like I am indeed living a retired
    A Basic Intro to the Project
    An answer to what genetically unemployable is, what this project is all about and how to best use this site.  The biggest question is where are we going … that is to be decided as we move forward.  this is a living
    Replacing your J-O-B Income
    Let’s get one thing straight before I head in to this post … I have never been scared to quit a job.  So if your the type of person that needs security, then this post probably isn’t for you.  So here is lesson number one: if you can’t handle the… Read more »
    fueling the fire
    i feel so blessed to be asked by a group of women entrepreneurs to come and speak to them in september about being genetically unemployable … the topic is still really new as this blog and the concepts of this term come together.   i met with 2 different people just this… Read more »
    I’d Rather Live Nervously Excited Than Comfortably Dead
    Living nervously excited about my future pretty much sums up my life, how about yours?   I have noticed over the past few years that most people never question there own ‘comfort’ and if they feel alive or they just accept the comfort zone.  Don’t
    genetically unemployable™ blog is back!
    the blog is back online, since i blew off posting i didn’t even realize that the blog had gone down until a couple weeks ago.  since my last blog post in june of 2009, after leaving a huge project in phoenix, i have

    microphonetell your story!

    your story of the journey from probably a steady j-o-b to now is the essence of who you are and how we all connect, i want your story!

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    o-m-f-g! i’m not alone!!!

    i love the straight-forward approach of “calling it like it is” and realizing that there *is* something different about me and my inexplicable desire to create something larger than i could in a traditional job.

    kudos to you, and much thanks for starting such a poignant movement!!! :)    ~ jei.

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